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12V/7Ah  Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Maintenance Free Battery

12V/7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Maintenance Free Battery

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This is a 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid (SLA) battery used for powering 12V equipment.
For use in security alarm panels, battery backup systems, emergency lighting, toys, test equipment, general electrics, automated doors, UPS units and more.

You can go a little bigger or connect them in parallel if additional power is needed.
Larger batteries from ArtinMotor are available if you require a lot more power to operate other electronic devices. Please contact the team for more information.
Fitted with 6.35mm/F2 terminals, these batteries are easy to work with and are easily user replaced in most equipment. Cells are fully sealed to prevent any leakage of electrolytes. UN Number: UN 2800 Non-Spillable - Hazard Class 8

We have found the quality of SLA batteries varies considerably between suppliers and often cheaper units have a shorter life span.


Artin motor batteries are built with the latest advanced technology to ensure the highest standards for reliability, durability, and performance.

  • Exceptional starting power
  • Robust design, vibration and shockproof
  • High resilience to deep and repeated discharge
  • Long-life, reliable and durable
  • High discharge rate, Wide operating temperatures, long service life
  • Superior Performance Guaranteed
  • Rugged Plastic Case and Cover
  • Battery Dimensions: 151*65*94*100


  • Solar panel
  • Home Alarm Systems
  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Power Supplies