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Completely Wireless Access Management Solution RFID card, NFC Card, Gate Access, HMI PC Access, Locker Access

Completely Wireless Access Management Solution RFID card, NFC Card, Gate Access, HMI PC Access, Locker Access

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  1. Is IT, Cabling, Network and Cost stopping you from using modern Centralized access management?
  2. Are you losing your valuable shared assets as you do not know who is taking them out?
  3. Have no records of what, when, where and who attempted to gain access to assets?
  4. Is distance and remote lactation, causing access giving and monitoring compromised?
  5. Is it too difficult to manage shared access, or grant temporary access to premises or equipment?
  6. Is it too costly and laborious work to run a network to card readers?
  7. Using traditional physical keys easily copied or lost?
  8. No idea how to manage quota for alcohol or other consumables?


Introducing WAMS series of Access Management Solution: The Australian designed and owned wireless card readers and wireless locks with cloud-based user-friendly administrative portal that ticks all the boxes.


Access Management Challenges:

  • Access management solutions should not rely on any vulnerable wireless networks like Wi-Fi.
  • Access management solution should not require network cabling or electrical professional installation.
  • Access management solution should not pose a capital cost to the operation and maintenance team.


Security breach:
Utilization and implementation of insecure networks can lead to security breach.

Remote work access management:
Implementing or expanding an access management system including hardware and software is a great challenge at remo sites.

Lack of a centralized repository:
Many enterprises lack a centralized database to manage user identities and data infrastructures. This exposes the system to more threats.

Cloud application limitations:
When multiple cloud systems are used, information access for the right group of people can be incredibly challenging.


S5 System Access Management Solution:

  • Our wireless mesh network of card readers creates their own dedicated invisible and secure wireless mesh network, eliminating any power, network, or even extra enclosure.
  • Comes with robust IP-68 enclosure with built-in battery Just need a screw or double-side tape to hold it on any surface.
  • Does not need a server, physical footprint for modules and network. The backend is all on an Australian cloud (AWS/Azure/Google).
  • All redundant secure cloud service ensures 99.99 % availability.
  • Compatible with all current RFID tags, plastic access cards, NFC cards.
  • Used for Lockers, Gate access, Control Panel Access, Operator Station PC access.
  • Wireless battery-powered hardware including card readers, door locks, sensors, alarm system and many more depending on the client’s requirement.
  • Easy management of the roles and access privileges of individuals in the workplace in one system.
  • Comprehensive real time monitoring of all staff throughout the entire plant.
  • Software includes: password-management tools, provisioning software, security-policy enforcement applications, reporting, monitoring and identity repositories.
  • Compatible with all off-the-shelf smart door locks.


Our Solution Features:

  • User friendly application for easy smart monitoring with personalized dashboard for wireless hardware management.
  • Compatible with your own existing company badge, fob or swipe card to access or identify yourself.
  • Activate / De-activate users, assign rosters and shifts, all with a web-based administration portal.
  • Get periodic reports and customizable SMS/Email notifications.
  • Our Wireless Battery-Powerd Card readers come with 5 years battery life GUARANTEED.
  • No Wi-Fi access needed; The Card readers create their own mesh network.
  • Wireless and battery powered devices for remote locations (Battery: 5-10 years).
  • Safe and secure database management and data transmission.


Devices and Sensors:

  1. Battery powered Wireless card readers.
  2. Battery powered Wireless door locks.
  3. Battery powered Wireless E-labels.


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