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Ground Engaging Tools GET tooth and shroud dislodgement detection and locating system

Ground Engaging Tools GET tooth and shroud dislodgement detection and locating system

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Ground Engaging Tools  dislodgement detection system


Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are high wear-resistant metal teeth that come in direct contact with the ground during construction and excavation activities. They are consumable wear parts that are designed to penetrate the earth while also protecting the bucket hardware of loaders and diggers from damage.


Current challenge in industry:

When a GET falls into a truck load of ore and is tipped into the crusher it can jam and significantly damage the crusher or dislodged and cause injury to the onsite personnel. Extraction of a GET from a crusher is exceptionally dangerous and the repair of damaged equipment may result in a few days of downtime.

Estimated to cost the mining industry between one to five per cent of total production each year, broken GET are massive global problem for the mining industry. Miners have been looking for a reliable way of detecting GET failures and locating failed parts for years.



To address this problem, S5 System has developed GETsmart, a highly robust non-invasive,  real-time, wireless GET Sensor and components. Our innovative solution is real-time maintenance-free, hermetically sealed sensors with protection from extreme temperatures, pressure, shock, water, dirt ingress and vibrations and designed to suite wide range of GET including teeth and adapters.

The GETsmart solution includes sensors inserted into diggers’ ground engaging tools and shrouds, and the in-cab monitor actively scans all GET sensors and as soon as a tooth breaks off, a real-time audio-visual alarm notifies the operator and the operation and maintenance team of the missing GET part and can optionally remotely stop the downstream crusher.
The return on investment to a mine upon installation can usually be realised in a matter of a few months.


The Features:

  • minor cost of ownership with ROI in a few months.
  • zero external footprint and no impact on the replacement /installation work installation.
  • suitable for majority of the GET brands.
  • suitable for all types of ore, earth moving and other mining applications.
  • zero wiring requirements. All sensors are self-contained with the power from the battery which last for five years and send a data wirelessly through their own network.
  • With graphical user interface and audio-visual alarm and remote operation/ maintenance notification.
  • Equipped with a pocket-sized portable missing GET locator.
  • Completely waterproof and shockproof.
  • With all self-diagnostic capabilities and zero calibration, this system guarantees no false or missed or lost data feed.
  • Access to the graphical user interface through mobile phone, Tablets, laptops, and computers.
  • operating temperature from -30 degrees to +80 degrees Celsius.



  • Reduction or elimination of lost time due to GET in crusher events.
  • Improved awareness and management of GET on site.
  • Ensures safety of personnel and prevention of production and material losses.
  • Using the operational data and reports that we provide to better understand and manage their GET usage and consumption and to give them early warning when GET is worn and nearing the end of life.


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