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Wireless Battery Powered Pipe Pressure Sensor Solution

Wireless Battery Powered Pipe Pressure Sensor Solution

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Complete Solution:

Wireless Battery Powered PIPE PRESSURE SENSOR 

designed for measuring pressures from liquids and gases in order to realize the pressure monitoring of tank level or leakage in pipes. 

Measuring Range: 0 ~ 1600 kPa (16 Bar) 

Measuring Accuracy is less than ±0.3% FS 

Temperature Compensation for High Accuracy 

Shock-resistant and Vibration-resistant 

Weather and Waterproof 

Built-in 19000 mAh high-capacity battery can be used for 10 years. 


  • Fully customised dashboard.
  • 24/7 SMS & Email alerts.
  • 1 Year warranty.
  • All-Inclusive Cost.
  • Plug & play.
  • Live Monitoring on phone, tablet and PC.


  • Pipe pressure remote monitoring